All Of This Is Fleeting


Over the next few months of my life I will be visiting Lake Placid New York, Wellington New Zealand, Sydney Australia, and Brisbane Australia to talk to other amazing human beings and librarians about how awesome libraries can be and how that all libraries should be focused on their local communities first and foremost. I love chatting about this! I love meeting new people and sharing inspiration and other stories. This is what life is all about.

It also hits me that this is most likely the last year that I’ll be doing these kinds of things in library-land. This is A-OK with me. I have visited many amazing places, met many amazing people, and shared some amazing stories. It is time to past the torch. What am I saying? There is no torch. I just really wanted an excuse to put the Tenacious D song “Dio” in this post. Enjoy below!

Everything in life is fleeting and nothing stays the same forever. This may scare some people. I know it used to scare me! I am not scared by that anymore. It is all just stuff that when lumped together makes up a life. It is cool!


2016 will be the year of the Hoenke Family ChurchHouse Project. That is the next step in my life. There is something great about wandering outside , walking around, and taking care of things. I have enjoyed attempting to get the heating system to work in the church. I have been painting the door even more red than it has ever been. Our basement isn’t as soggy and moldy as it was in June! Woo! The Hoenke Family ChurchHouse Project is kind of like an extension of the public library. It is a place where great and positive things will happen with great and positive people in the community.

All of this is fleeting. I am enjoying it!


  1. Does this mean you’re leaving your current library job, or just that you’ll stop going to conferences? If your lake Placid trip is for the NYLA conference, I’ll look forward to meeting you in person.

    • Heather: I am totally staying at my current library job. I really love it and it is very challenging in a good way. I think my time speaking/going to conferences/focusing on being a “proper professional librarian” days are over. I believe that I need to take a new path to ensure my long term happiness. Not need to worry! I am still gonna write/share/tweet. I like doing this too much!

      I will be at NYLA this year speaking on Friday at 830am or something like that. My whole family will be there! Say hello! Please please please!

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