Slow Down


Besides the people, one of the things that I miss the most about Australia and New Zealand is their speed at which life occurs. Simply stated, it is all just a little bit slower. There’s morning tea. There’s afternoon tea. There’s no clock breathing down the back of your neck. There are times where you have to be somewhere and times where things have to start/stop, but there’s not the nagging sense of I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME. Time exists, but NZ and Australia are not owned by time. It’s just something that is there. Like it should be to all of us

America has a lot of issues to resolve, but I think one of the biggest that we face is our breakneck speed at which we approach everyday life. For some reason, we need to be the best. We have to be the fastest, the first, the number one. We like to win. But it shouldn’t be that way. It’s OK to be second or third. Heck, it’s OK to sometimes not even be part of the conversation. We need to slow down. Appreciate the trees and the birds and each other. Have some tea and just sit around. Talk about shit. Think about how amazing this could be for our health, both physical and mental! We wouldn’t have to be a bundle of nerves and aching backs and knees all the time. Slow it down!


Breakfast in NZ and Australia was something that I always looked forward to. It was always full of good food and time to just take in the beginning of the day. The workers who prepared my food and served it to me were always kind (maybe cause they were not working for tips and instead were paid a decent and honest wage??!?!) and did not rush me. This was a good start to the day. I think we all should adopt this practice.

When I got back to the States, my wife Haley started talking about a Danish concept that I was sort of familiar with called Hygge. We chatted about it, shared links about the idea (like this one: Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Have Some ‘Hygge’) and it has really been good to think about. Slow down. Practice hygge. It’s winter for most of us! It is the holiday season! Slow down and enjoy it. We only have so many in our lives. Enjoy every single one!


  1. Thank you for putting to words a feeling that I have had for quite some time. One of my favorite things to do is to just sit and look out my window.

  2. How great you got to experience a truly awesome culture. Keeping your thoughts on how they do it (HYGGE) only add to your coping abilities with winter settling in. It can get very cabin feverish up in PA during the winter season. I sometimes miss it but winter seems to never end. I love sunshine and being able to walk out my door without having to dig my way out.
    My HYGGE is reading a terrific book and under warm covers. A hot cup of tea with honey and lemon juice while eating a shortcake cookie.

  3. How great you got to experience an awesome culture. Keep thinking how they do it with HYGGE when you have a foot of snow and have to dig your way out. Those moments I do not miss from PA.
    My HYGGE is reading a great book under warm covers and drinking hot tea with honey and lemon, while eating a shortcake cookie. Enjoy!

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