I like winter a lot. It is neat to wake up in the morning and see snow on the ground. It is nice to put on a hat, scarf, mittens, and jacket and take a walk. It is nice to curl up with your family and friends inside and watch movies and drink tea. Pajamas are always wonderful to wear and in the winter you can wear pajamas a lot more. I like it.


I got this beard oil from my future brother-in-law Gabe. He’s an archaeologist and works at a college. I am enjoying this beard oil! I have put it on my beard after a shower and it not only feels good but it smells great.  It’s like I live in the woods or something. I think it really fits well with living in Northwestern Pennsylvania and at Fidelia Hall.


I listen to a lot of music by the band Bitchin Bajas. All of their music is great! I would describe it as ambient but it also has some really great melodies that stand out in the forefront. When I listen to their music at work I really get inspired to take care of business and do great things. I love it! Listen to them at SoundCloud!

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