I’m kind of late to the Kanye game (minus a two week stint where MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY was on repeat while I lived in Portland ME) but I’m starting to understand everything. As a music fan, I think that it takes me quite a while to understand and like an artist. I like to see a fuller discography before I dive into things. If an artist “has it”, the first three albums they release are usually powerful no matter what. It’s that trilogy that most artists are remembered for. I like to wait around and see what else the artist has to offer. In Kanye’s case, his “2nd trilogy”of albums are the ones that do it for me (808s & Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus). What a stunning body of work. The songwriting and production on these albums could clinch it for me, but Kanye’s artistry and PUSH to get all of us living in the modern world thinking and doing makes everything perfect with these albums. This is all happening to me at a good time as well…Kanye’s new album The Life of Pablo, comes out soon.

(EDIT: Yes, I do realize that Kanye is rather misogynist and is very much full of anger, but I don’t let those lyrics and outlook get to me. On a musical and arrangement level, this is great stuff and you can’t deny that.)


I don’t know what to call it so we’ll use the term “modern electronic music” but whatever it is I LOVE IT. I love the broad strokes that modern electronic composers make with their music and soundscapes. When you listen to these pieces closely, you hear slight nuances and motifs that will blow your mind. You start to hear the sound within the sound. Don’t call it noise. Don’t dismiss this music. Open up your soul and let the beauty come in.


This is the best Bob Marley song! What a powerful message coupled with a great, simple musical groove. You can’t help but hear this song and feel like approaching life with a positive vibration.

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