Be Nice to Fuller House


Ladies and Gentlemen, your reactions to the Netflix revival of the 80’s-90’s sitcom FULL HOUSE are really irking me. Generally everyone out there does not like it and wow these reviews are harsh. The reviews slam it for being silly, meaningless, out of touch with reality, and so on and so forth. I want to remind everyone reading this of a few things:

  • You are watching and reacting to the sequel to the TV sitcom Full House, which in its original iteration was silly, meaningless, and out of touch with reality.
  • You are watching a television show.
  • Who cares.

I grew up in the era where watching Full House with my family as part of the TGIF Lineup. In my world, this was the fucking coolest thing to do on a Friday night. It was an evening of hanging out with people I enjoyed, watching TV that didn’t challenge me to think deeply (or at all), and end the week on a relaxing note. I like this idea. I’d love to have something like this in my life right now. Yes, I realize how “old man Justin we used to walk to school in 18 inches of snow” that whole thing sounds. I can assure you that I’m not coming from there. I don’t yearn for the old days (I think we’re better off now) and I’m not suggesting we get back to anything. Getting back to anything never helps. Move forward. Grow!

It seems as if in our world today everything has to be dark, challenging, difficult, brooding, etc. If a TV show/movie/some kind of art isn’t dark and challenging, then we wonder if it has a purpose at all. Can’t we just have things that are silly and meaningless and have it be that? Why do we have to challenge it? Why do we have to bash it if it is silly and meaningless? Why can’t it just be what it is? I think our lives would be a lot better if we just calmed down and stopped ranting and raving about everything that comes out.

I’m gonna enjoy Full House the same way that I’m gonna enjoy House of Cards Season 4 when it comes out: it’s a TV show, who cares, I’m gonna sit on my butt in my pajamas with my awesome partner Haley, eat some popcorn, and just relax.


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