REVIEW: Weezer “The White Album”

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According to most if not all reviews of Weezer’s 2016 “The White Album”, Weezer is back and at their best level since 1996. Here’s where I believe those reviews are wrong: Weezer’s been back for awhile now and despite some low moments, they’ve been making some amazing and interesting music since officially “coming back” in 2000.

“The White Album” is a beautiful album full of crunchy guitar, off kilter leads, awkward lyrics, and stellar drumming from Pat Wilson. It is a very typical “Weezer” album in the fact that it covers all of these bases, but at the same time it does something that Weezer albums have not quite done: it takes the energy from their first two albums and mixes it PERFECTLY with their perfect pop song sensibilities that they’ve been honing since “coming back” in 2000. Weezer isn’t back; they’ve just finally managed to bring everything together from their career in a nice 10 song package.

Rivers’ songwriting collaborations have always been questionable to me, but it is on this album that they finally really pay off. You can hear the co-writers pushing Cuomo to new levels in order to get the best songs possible. Pat’s drumming is once again one of the standouts on this album. I realize that I say this about almost every album, but queue up “Jacked Up” and turn up the volume. Pat’s drums drive the song. Scott’s bass isn’t as high in the mix as I’d like it to be, as his bass lines are always melodic and perfectly timed for this band. Brian’s got the little interesting and beautiful tidbits from guitar and piano covered on this album. It’s almost as if he’s the real star of this album, lending not only his arranging and playing skills to every song but also helping co-write.

High points? Wind in Our Sail, (Girl We Got A) Good Thing, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, LA Girlz, Jacked Up

Overall, “The White Album” is a really solid and well crafted set of 10 pop rock songs from a band that excels at giving us albums that can make you smile and sing along.

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