Social Media, 2016



Facebook has become one of the, if not THE, main form of communication. Sharing, messaging, and now live video are the way that we communicate with each other. It is our email, texting, and our own little website. I have ups and downs with Facebook myself. I recognize and respect how important it is, but at the same time have a strong dislike for the service. Sometimes I just don’t want everyone and everything to be in my life. Over this past year I’ve gone from around 1500 “friends” to 770. I want Facebook to be the space I share with the people that I really know, value, and need to have in my life. Gone are most if not all the librarians who I just know because we’re both librarians and gone are the fringe “I think we met once we should connect on Facebook” type of people. I need my net of close friends and family and this is where that happens.



Twitter has become a news platform and I am happy to see it accepting that role. This is where anyone can go to share links, ideas, and real time events. Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter in 2015, seems to be the future of social media. There is an excitement around Twitter for me these days that I haven’t felt since I first joined the service back in 2008.



I’ve started and deleted about 5 Instagram accounts. I appreciate what it does and I love seeing beautiful photos that everyone posts, but I just don’t want another place to post my photos. My Facebook profile documents everything from 2005-Present and I also have about 20 years of photos in my Google Photos. Instagram just feels like another step that I should cut out. I do, however, recognize how neat it is for a business. As Haley and I start Fidelia Hall we have used Instagram to share the messages we are putting up on our sign in front of the building. It’s been really neat.



Yahoo seems to have sucked all of the fun out of Tumblr. I wasn’t very much into Tumblr in the first place, but I have really come to love how it brings together fringe and passionate groups of people. If you have an interest but you can’t fine a community around that interest…well, try Tumblr. For myself, I use it to “collect” things that make me happy.



Miitomo was the big thing for 3 days and then everyone forgot about it. I can’t blame them, as the experience of using Miitomo is kind of clunky at best. This is something that I hope Nintendo really works on (it has gotten better). I probably keep coming back to it because I love all things Nintendo, but I also really enjoy seeing some folks answers to the questions. I feel a close connection to these people and I look forward to reading what they have to say every day.


I still believe in the power of blogs and blogging services like Medium. I love how they give everyone who decides to invest time in them a chance to develop their writing and share their ideas.


I mostly miss Branch and Potluck, as I loved the communities that sprung up around those services. I found myself talking to different people and I think it was great for expanding my world view. I know that most of those teams are now at Facebook and I am curious to see what they can bring to the table there.


  1. I really liked reading how you use these different social networks.

    For a very, very long time, Facebook was strictly family and friends for me, but I have been engaging with more librarians through actual friend requests and some of the Facebook groups. However, I am going to have to be more careful because there was someone who used the messaging service in a not cool way. I do really like the save links feature on Facebook. When I see stuff I might be interested in reading, I save them as I scroll through my feed. It sometimes takes me a while to get through the links, but I have found it useful. My life greatly improved when I ditched the ALA Think Tank group; I found a much more useful, positive community in ACRL’s Library Marketing and Outreach Facebook group. I just need to find a similar community for instruction, but the listservs are pretty good.

    I never could get the hang of Twitter. It moves too quickly for me, so I couldn’t get really good use out of it. Unfortunately, a lot of academic things happen on Twitter (#critlib), but I am happy not to have the stress. I don’t know how you keep up!

    I am an Instagram user. I use it for my clothing choices (I know this sounds shallow, but clothing is one of the few ways I can express myself creatively), fun things I’m doing, and keeping up with home decorating and the crafting community. LOL! I think using IG specifically for Fidelia Hall is great. I will find you guys.

    I have started and deleted about 3 or so Tumblr accounts. I think I just know that I can’t possibly keep up with all the things.

    I don’t really know about Mitomo, but the characters are pretty cute.

    Blogging helped me get through a job I didn’t really enjoy but was making work. I started mine last summer of so, a couple of months after I didn’t get another community college position just minutes from my house. I use it like a work journal, and it’s more for myself. I don’t care if people read it or not. It helps me. 🙂

    I had never heard of Branch and Potluck.

    I have a couple of friends who are really into Quora, but I refuse to participate because I think it’s too similar to what I do for a living in some respects. hahaha

    • Thank you for sharing your own uses! I really enjoyed reading why you use these networks as well. What I’m seeing is this: we all have our uses for social media and as long as we respect each other, it’s all good.

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