The Weezer/Rivers Cuomo Song Rankings (Part 9/14): Hurley


Released: September 10, 2010

Length: 34:16

Label: Epitaph

Producer Rivers Cuomo, Shawn Everett

I have been putting this one off for long enough. To be honest with you, I haven’t wanted to write this one because there really isn’t a lot of great things to say about Hurley. I don’t want to put negativity out into the world, but with this one there is just not much else I can do. Hurley doesn’t work on a lot of levels: it feels like a badly patched together solo album, the songs are rather bland and cookie cutter, and the whole thing feels rushed. When I listen to a Weezer album, I want to hear the band performing the songs that Rivers writes. On Hurley, I’m hearing songs that Rivers wrote being performed by something that’s just not Weezer.


Songwriting: The most “classic Weezer” sounding thing on here. A simple straight forward rock song. It works.

Arrangement: The band is tight on this and moves from section to section and never lets go.

Production: It’s crunchy and I like that.

Performance: Like I said above, it feels like the band played on this one together. I can dig that.



Songwriting: An absolutely wonderful pop rock song, but it sounds too much like a song that a band that wanted to sound like Weezer would write and perform. Weezer shouldn’t be doing that, right?

Arrangement: Classic power pop. It never lets up and that’s good. The chorus drums are great at moving the tune along.

Production: It sounds like it was made for the radio.

Performance: Here’s where we get to the “is Weezer on this song?” question. I hear elements of Rivers but I don’t hear anything from any other members. The drumming doesn’t 100% feel like Pat. It feels off.



Songwriting: Written with an absolute gem of a songwriter (Desmond Child), this is a great tune overall. Well paced, well written, great emotions.

Arrangement: The song chugs along just like a train. I love it.

Production: The chugging guitar and bass really work well for this song. Some of the overdubs and adornments can distract from the great tune underneath them.

Performance: Once again, who is playing on this? The bass feels like Scott, but everything else feels off.



Songwriting: Some interesting chords that throw you off at first, but the climax of the song really works well. It feels like Rivers there.

Arrangement: Bare bones at the beginning, crunchy at the end, and the backing vocals are really great.

Production: I question the flute flourishes in the verses. They don’t really need to be there and distract the listener.

Performance: It feels like Weezer and I like that, especially on this album.



Songwriting: You can tell something is gonna be off from the weird synthy drums at the beginning, and then you hear the lyrics. These are the worst. Great riff though in the verses.

Arrangement: The verses do a great job a using the riff to anchor the song. The chorus is great when it kicks into the second part of it. The time shift off kilter bridge is great.

Production: This song should rock harder. That riff is great. It just doesn’t get to that level.

Performance: Once again, it rocks but who is playing on it? And Rivers’ vocal performance should have been scrapped. It is embarrassing at points.

SCORE: 2 (I want to give this a higher ranking, but those lyrics destroy the tune)


Songwriting: A decent tune, but one that just doesn’t sound like a Weezer sound. Then you look at the songwriting credits and you see it was cowritten by Ryan Adams. And then you realize that its a Ryan Adams song sung by Rivers.

Arrangement: The chorus, which is usually a pick me up part of a song, just really drags here.

Production: I like it, but once again it doesn’t sound like a Weezer song and instead sounds too much like a Ryan Adams song. If I wanted to listen to him, I would listen to him.

Performance: The Ryan and Rivers show. I like my Weezer with Brian, Scott, and Pat.



Songwriting: The little single that never was. It has all the makings of a great single…wonderful and triumphant verses into a great chorus. But there’s just something that holds this song back.

Arrangement: Maybe the arrangement holds it back? Nah, this is good pop rock.

Production: Once you hear Michael Cera you can’t un-hear him.

Performance: It feels like a band moving in a new-ish direction. I appreciate that.



Songwriting: The lyrics just creep me out, but the melody and the chorus are so very strong and you wanna sing along to them.

Arrangement: It is structured in such a way that makes you want to sing along.

Production: It feels like it would’ve been a great Rivers Cuomo solo song with this production.

Performance: It doesn’t feel like there’s a performance. It feels like Rivers with some loops of people playing instruments.



Songwriting: It feels so “modern rock band on the radio” derivative. I could hear Nickelback doing this song. Why not just give it to them?

Arrangement: “Let’s rock out on the chorus just like a high school band”. It just doesn’t work. The bridge should pick it up but it just leaves it even flatter than before.

Production: The song is so bad I don’t think any kind of production could save it.

Performance: Mechanical and going through the motions. I have to force myself to listen to the whole song.



Songwriting: Written with legend Mac Davis, this song has a great tune but…(skip to production)

Arrangement: A nice little folk song structure.

Production: What is going on here? Why is everything so dirty and muddy? Is something wrong with my headphones? This just isn’t fun to listen to. I hear a good song destroyed by a production choice.

Performance: The production just destroyed this song for me.



I just can’t get through this album unless I force myself to get through this album. Rivers writes great songs, but the songs on this one just ain’t that great. Some of them are decent but a bunch of decent songs don’t add up to make a good album. I love Weezer as a four piece band making great music. On some records you can just hear Rivers directing everything and it not really being a band effort. That is the most apparent with this album. Hurley may have been looked upon as an interesting oddity if it wasn’t a Weezer album but instead a one off Rivers Cuomo solo album. But here, as the 8th Weezer album, it just stands out as a really bad album.



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