Hot Take Opinion Fatigue


We live in a world where hot take opinion pieces and their social media reactions rule the day. Pieces like the one I’ve shared above are hitting the news and our social media feeds daily. On Monday someone’s suggesting that Amazon book stores replace libraries. What will it be on Wednesday? What will Thursday bring? I could use this space to speculate but by the time I dream something up I can bet it has already been written and published and thousands of emotion tugging tweets on both sides have been unleashed. The social media era has pushed us into an era of never-ending debate where every possible opinion can be voiced. When I saw this ridiculous opinion piece on Forbes my immediate reaction wasn’t towards thinking about how horrible of an idea it is (it’s on the From Justin to Kelly level of horribleness) but instead I said the following to myself: “of course this is an opinion someone believes in and publishes on the internet”.  Immediately my mind became washed over by hot take opinion piece fatigue. The cycle begins yet again.

I’m writing this to share my feelings of fatigue with you, hoping to see if anyone out there is feeling the same way. In my recent years I worried that I was falling into a “it just doesn’t matter” laissez-faire  kind of rut with everything in life. Recently though I’ve kicked myself in the butt and reshaped my thinking. I’m not falling into this rut, I’m just tired from the constant stream of hot take opinion pieces and their social media reactions constantly hitting me in the face. Recently I have decided on a few things:

  • Not having my phone on me most of the weekend. I’m at home with my family and they’re the only people who contact me, so why carry the thing around? I’ll only use it to listen to music or podcasts when needed,
  • I put my phone down at a certain time every night. These things are so bright and I can almost feel my brain evolving in a negative way thanks to their brightness.
  • I’ve removed the addictive need for a public profile on Facebook.
  • Apps? I got rid of those. If I want to check Twitter, I’ll log in through the browser and deal with it.
  • When I want to share something I’ve been thinking about using written words, I’ll do so in a way where the audience actively wants to hear what has been going through my head.

What are some of your strategies for living in our new world? I’d love to hear from you either in the comments or you can email me and we’ll start up a great thread between the two of us.

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