Everything Is Connected

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Everything is Connected by John Reynolds. Used with a CC License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) via https://goo.gl/zXY4TQ

Today I spent most of my 12 hour work day at the Crawford County Fair representing the Benson Memorial Library with one of my co-workers. We brought our button maker and 3D printer and stood patiently behind our table waiting for people to come to check out what we had to offer. It was great: the button maker and the 3D printer did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was create conversation about these tools, how they fit in libraries, and what else libraries can offer for communities. These conversations are the most important ones we can have, and I like to think every time we have them we walk away with a few people in the world a bit more hip to what libraries can do in the 21st century.

Those moments were great, but the best moments occurred when I took a look around at the other people I shared our space with, all representatives from various Titusville non profit agencies, businesses, service organizations, and more. Luke Ruot was there broadcasting live with The Stream, our local TV station. Members from Titusville Rotary were there proudly raising money for their various causes that they assist with in our community. The Titusville Regional Literacy Council had their spot alongside the Titusville Historical Society, our local hospital, and many more. All of this was pulled together by our Chamber of Commerce. It was wonderful to see everyone in my community in that small space together, sharing resources and sharing idea, representing our neat little community in a positive way.

Today I kept thinking that everything is connected and I felt it with everything that I was part of through the day. One decision impacts another, one positive attitude spreads something good into someone else’s world, and so on and so forth. Every decision that we make has an impact somewhere because everything is connected. I know that I’ve know this for a good part of my life but today it just snapped into place.

I turn towards libraries and I think about how many times we are at the center of that connection. We are an institution that is built upon sharing and forward motion. We get the ball rolling for the many people in our community that use our services. Everything is connection, and I am happy I chose a life of work that enables those connections to happen in a positive way.


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