Help the Hoenke’s with Fidelia Hall

Help the Hoenke’s with Fidelia Hall @ GoFundMe:

Three years ago, Haley and I jumped at the chance to purchase and live in Fidelia Hall, a property that allowed us to not only raise our family together but one that gave us a space to develop a community center to supports the local community in arts, music, crafts, and education. We’re almost at a point where we can move into Fidelia Hall and start giving back to our community, but today I’m here to ask you for your support. Thank you for your time.

Help the Hoenke’s with Fidelia Hall @ GoFundMe

Getting Fidelia Hall up and running for the community and for ourselves as a family has been quite a journey. Things were moving along at a nice, steady pace and then the Summer of 2016 hit. That year quite a number of things happened:

  • We found mold throughout our downstairs bathroom, which was made even more complicated when part of the ceiling in that room fell down.
  • Our roof sprung a leak and now it rains in the dining room.
  • Plumbing in the upstairs bathroom sink stopped working.
  • Our bedroom wall buckled and cracked open, revealing more mold that spread to our family bed which had to be discarded.
  • Our kitchen floor sunk ever so slightly, causing the kitchen sink pipes to have a slow but steady leak. This also caused the drainage pipes to not line up, thus having some drainage issues that led to more mold.

Mold is not fun at all and is horrible for your health, so we were faced with some big choices. We knew we had to make a change to protect our family health. When all was said and done, we realized that we’d have to move out of our house and into Fidelia Hall. The plan now is to live in the downstairs area of Fidelia Hall while using the upstairs as our primary events & program space.

Since 2016, we’ve invested $27,000 into renovations at Fidelia Hall. For the first time in 5 years, the space is fully heated. There is now a completely new plumbing and water system in the space. The building is almost there, but we really need some help getting to the finish line.

The idea that drives Fidelia Hall is simple: we believe that a community can be strengthened when it has a space dedicated to creative expression. With over 4,000 square feet of space, Fidelia Hall allows us to both provide people with a platform to express their creativity which strengthens the community, and also the space to allow our family to live together and explore this magical thing we call life. We know that the world is so much better when we share and grow together. Fidelia Hall is our effort to give something back to the world. We can’t wait to finish up these renovations and get back to doing what the Hoenke Family does best: giving our love to the world and making a positive impact on our community.

We can’t thank you enough for taking time to read this and for following along through the years. There were many times where we felt like giving up, but we were so encouraged by your kindness and your support to never stop dreaming and realize our goal of creating Fidelia Hall. We’re almost there. The best is yet to come.

Help the Hoenke’s with Fidelia Hall @ GoFundMe

The History of Fidelia Hall
Fidelia Hall: Spring 2016
Fidelia Hall: Winter 2016/Spring 2017
Fidelia Hall: Spring 2018

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