Lean Into It


Over the past year we’ve been going through a lot of soul searching at the Hoenke house. What are we doing here in Titusville, PA? Do we want to live here? What should we do with Fidelia Hall? Everything’s been up in the air for us and with that came an inability to move forward with everything in our lives. We felt stuck, lost, and unable to be who we really are: a kind, caring, and community focused Hoenke Family that just wants to bring everyone together to make life just a little bit better.

But we’re getting over that hump and we’re moving into a phase of rediscovery. We’re remembering who we are and we’re channeling this energy into developing a positive life moving forward. The phrase that I’ve been kicking around these days to keep us in this mood is LEAN INTO IT. 

LEAN INTO IT means something different to everyone. For me, I lean into the fact that I am a person whose thoughts lean towards the creative and community first and foremost. I’m great at these things. I am not great at making money. I am not a good capitalist. But this is who I’ve been all my life and there’s no time better than the present to lean into who I am.

I’ve been most happy to see Haley in this whole process. Haley’s always been Haley: a great, kind, creative, and unique soul, but in the last few years I think she’s found it tough to be herself and to figure out exactly who she is as she moves into the next phase of her life. She’s always known that she’s creative, unique, and people focused, and recently she’s leaned into just that. Haley continues to dive into her creativity with her art and her passion to design and create her own clothes. She’s also recently taken on the role of the shopkeep at our town’s great new local furniture, antiques, and odds & ends store Stonehouse Jack. One of Haley’s super powers has always been hospitality and customer service, and the aesthetic and vibe of Stonehouse Jack really fits her. It has been a great joy to see Haley lean into it and unlock who she is over these past few months.

Find out what drives you and what makes up your personality and LEAN INTO ITThis is your life and this is your chance to shine. Be you because you are wonderful.


  1. […] Lean Into It. This year I discovered that when people are good at something they should continue to do that thing, focus in on the details, and refine their process even further. Everyone has something that they are great at. This thing is what everyone should be doing in their life. It doesn’t matter what that thing is. Lean into it. I am doing my best to lean into the things I do well. […]

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