The Complete Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine Discography on Spotify, Apple Music, and Other Streaming Services


It was a goal of mine to make this happen by the end of 2018, and here we are with 83 days left in the year and I’m happy to report that the complete discography for my musical project ABIGAIL FOSTER’S PHOTOSYNTHESIS MACHINE is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. If you click on any of the links below you can add these albums to your Spotify or Apple Music catalog.


2004: The Sun And The Moon

2005: A More Colorful Or Easier Somewhere Else

2007: Everyone C’mon Get Happy

2009: Monsters

2017: Either Way I’m Fine

2017: Prozac Is The Dam And I Am The Dynamite

2018: Small Town

Thank you for listening and for supporting me through everything through the years. Besides my family and my work in libraries, music is what occupies my mind and my heart. I create this music because it feels natural for me to do so. I do it for myself and so that in the future Finn & Aero have a neat little snapshot into what their Dad was like through his life.

**if you are curious, I made music with a group called Zomo before Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine. You can find that music here***

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