Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone

original images by Rebecca McCorkindale.png

Libraries are for every single person that comes through the doors of their public library. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in life, or what path you’re on, the public library is there for you at all times. I’ve always believed this deep down in my heart. When I saw the Libraries Are For Everyone project pop up in 2017, the thing that I (and many other librarians) finally had was an image, a banner, and a rallying cry to accompany their feelings that libraries were for everyone.

Thanks to the kindness of Rebecca McCorkindale, there’s now a Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone image for libraries, library associations, and everything and everyone else in between to use and share in Pennsylvania. I got to meet Rebecca, the creator of the popular Libraries Are For Everyone image this year at the 2018 Nebraska Library Association Conference (more on that here) and I was blown away by her positive attitude, her creativity, and above everything else how much she cared for her community through her library work.

Rebecca donated this image to me and suggested that I use the image as a fundraiser for Fidelia Hall, the arts & community center that my wife Haley & I are in the process of starting up in our hometown of Titusville, PA. Haley & I are extremely thankful for her kindness, and today we bring you the details on how to get your own Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone image.

Here’s what your donation will get you: 

  • $10 donation: 2 Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone images.
  • $20 donation: All 6 Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone images.

Here’s how to donate:

Your donations will go towards the ongoing renovation of Fidelia Hall, an arts & community center in Titusville, PA that is currently going through renovations. The mission of Fidelia Hall is to provide people with a platform to express their creativity and through that creativity strengthen the community. Fidelia Hall was started in 2015 by my wife Haley Hoenke, and over the past three years we have been working together to get the building renovated so that Fidelia Hall can begin hosting regular events for the public.

Once you have made your donation via PayPal or GoFundMe, I will be in touch with you via email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or whatever is your preferred contact method to deliver you the images you have requested. You can then use these images however you would like. I will tell you what Rebecca told me: Once you have made the donation, “it’s now your image and you can do anything with it that you’d like – including fundraising.” Use it to raise money for your local library. Make the image into a bumper sticker and put it on your car. Make it your social media profile photo. Use it and let the world know that Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone.

For more information on Fidelia Hall:

Thank you to Rebecca McCorkindale for donating her original Pennsylvania Libraries Are For Everyone image to us as a fundraiser for Fidelia Hall.

For more information on Rebecca McCorkindale:

And finally, thank you for your donation. Every little bit helps us get one step closer to making Fidelia Hall a space that shares our passion for creativity with the rest of our community.

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