We’re On Our Way We’re Making It

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On Sunday November 4, 2018, Fidelia Hall was host for the event A DAY OF MUSIC & CONVERSATION. The idea behind the event was simple: give great local musicians a platform to share their art while bringing community members together not only to hear that music but also to chat with each other. Community is created when people come together, share an experience, and have great conversations. Fidelia Hall is blossoming into a space that does just this.

A few months ago we started a GoFundMe to help us get the entire Fidelia Hall project moving full steam ahead. This event is just an example of what your kindness is helping us do. Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to start planning events in Fidelia Hall once again. Events at Fidelia Hall are one of the big ways that we accomplish one of our major goals with the space: to create a community center that provides people with a platform to express their creativity.

Thank you for your continued support. WE’RE ON OUR WAY WE’RE MAKING IT.

*hi there*


  1. Awesome dude! You continue to inspire me daily friend. You have a true gift of kindness, imagination and wonder. You bring people together like a groovy magnet. Have you considered podcasting your JTL adventures? And YES we do need U in politics! Justin for Mayor!!!

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