Look Inward, Recognize Change or Be Content, Move Ahead

The interface for our ILL system. I had never seen this interface until 2 weeks ago despite having worked at my library for 3.5 years.

Two weeks ago we had a staff member at my library retire and with that came not only a change in staff but also a change in how we do things at the library. Every once in awhile we all should be taking a look at what our library does with the intention of coming away with either a better understanding of what we’re doing or a plan to change what we’re doing. Either outcome is fine. The idea is to be aware of what we’re doing and be able to recognize the need for change

A great time to look inward is when there is a change in staff at your library. Every staff member that you work with has their jobs and responsibilities. Sometimes these jobs and responsibilities are so specific that they begin and end with one staff member. I don’t think there is any way to avoid this, as I have seen it happen in every single library that I have worked at. Yet when there is change in staffing there is also an opportunity to learn about those specific jobs and responsibilities. I think it is in our best interest to seize these moments and try to learn more about what jobs and responsibilities there are in our own library.

Right now with our staff change I am learning about interlibrary loan and periodicals management. It has been interesting to learn about the systems in place to manage these two areas of our library. I had next to nothing to do with the two jobs and responsibilities in the past. I learned as much as I could about them before taking both of them over, but a lot of what I am going through at the moment is trial by fire. I will make mistakes in the moment. A few years ago I told myself that it was OK to make these mistakes. I am glad I told myself that. From these mistakes, I grow. When I grow, I know I am following the right path.

As I learn these new tasks I tell myself that following:

  1. Patience: You won’t understand all of this in just a day.
  2. Change: Fix what needs to be fixed, leave the rest alone.
  3. Positivity: Move forward with a positive attitude. 

In time I will not only understand the tasks that are now part of my daily work routine but I will also be able to make changes to them that will help the community and my library. Look Inward, Recognize Change or Be Content, & Move Ahead. That’s what my new manta is these days.

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