Nothing Is Ever Good Enough For The Energy Vampires

Yes, that is me on the left circa 1993-1994 dressed up as The Crow.

(post originally appeared at B-Sides from Justin Hoenke)

Have you ever met a person who has the outlook that nothing is ever good enough? There’s been a recent influx of those kinds of people around me, and boy howdy let me tell you about this recent experience. It turns out that these people, who we will call the energy vampires (not my name, but damn it’s so great that I wish it was) are all around and are literally sucking the energy out of all of us every day that we exist in the modern world.

You may have people like this at your job. You may have people like this at your home. I guarantee that you have people like this in your social media circle. The Energy Vampires love to bombard you with negative thoughts. They love to tell you that no matter what you do that it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t make a difference. They like to tell you that even if you did something that it was not great quality or that it could have been better, more attended, or something along those lines. Nothing is ever good enough for the energy vampires.

I think back to the first ever library event that I put together in times like these where I am feeling worn out by the energy vampires. That first library event was an open mic for teens. I spent way too long on the flyer that I then personally hung up all around the small town where the event was held. I gave that event my all and one teen with her caretaker showed up. I can’t remember if either myself or the teen even did anything that resembled an open mic. I think we all just sat around, had some snacks, and chatted about the world.

Had I been surrounded by energy vampires that may have been my first and last library event. At that age (I was 25-26) I don’t think I had the energy or maturity to stand up to the energy vampires if they were all around me. I would’ve probably gave into their ideas, gave up, and pursued a completely different path in life. My life would not only be very different, but the lives of everyone that I’ve interacted with because of my involvement in libraries would be different as well. Energy vampires can really do a lot to change the course of the world, eh? Think about how many energy vampires are in your town. Now think about how many energy vampires are in your state. Expand the scope to your country and then the world. We’ve got an awful lot of energy vampires out there, sucking the energy and life out of people who are doing their best to have a good impact on the world.

Let’s recognize who the energy vampires are in our lives and shut them off.


  1. I’ve just moved into a new library and a new team that is made up of a lot of these! It is exhausting and sometimes it can feel like you are fighting an uphill battle just to do normal, basic library stuff. However, in the case of my library, some of them have become like this because of previous bad management and I understand where they are coming from. I want to reignite their energy so that they stop sucking it out of other people. There are however some genuine ones that actually enjoy being like that and Oh my! If it was up to them we would close the doors to keep the books safe from all the evil humans. So funny to think their ideas go against the whole point of the building and the service in the first place!

    • Bad management will do that! Kudos to you for figuring this out. At the core of it all, I think everyone does have a story behind why they may be energy vampires. I am proud of you for being the person to find out that story and reigniting their energy. You can do this.

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