2018 Year In Review: The Human Being

I exist.

Every human being should do some form of a year in review. This annual report is written by the individual for the individual and if published to the world it could be used by others as inspiration moving ahead. The end result is hopefully individual growth and a plan for moving forward. Everything else is a bonus.

TheĀ personal year in review can take any form. It doesn’t have to be public, but you know what I got this website and sometimes people enjoy reading things that I write so here goes. I enjoy writing my personal year in review because it gives me a chance to understand where I’ve been and where I am going. It’s also a nice to reflect not only on the things that didn’t go so well but to also celebrate individual accomplishments. This is something that I actually learned to do this year! Celebrate the good moments, share the good moments, and fill the world up with a positive message.

Read my 2018 Year In Review: The Library here at this link. Thank you.

  • 2018 was the first year since 2008 (!) where I was not under the influence of an anti-depressant for an entire year. This is a huge accomplishment.
  • Going off of the last bullet point: While there were ups and downs (as there are with all things related to life) everything went pretty smoothly in 2018. The bumps were handled as they came along. No bad in the moments decisions were made. The things that came through in my life in 2018 were handled well, a new form of grace and style that most likely came from a mix of almost 10 years of a muted existence and all of the things that are learned through aging.
  • I continued my recent trend of writing, producing, and recording an album of original music. 2018 saw the release of SMALL TOWN. I was happy with the way the songs came out and how they were recorded. I think I made some positive steps forward in both songwriting and production.
  • My interest in being a librarian faded for the first half of 2018, came back a bit in the fall, and ended on a slightly lower than level note. After 12 years in the profession I am bound to have some down and uninspired moments. I look forward to June 2021 when I will hit the 5 year mark of becoming a library director.
  • My interest in attending and presenting at library conferences almost completely faded. While I did attend the Nebraska Library Association Conference and did have a nice time, overall my interest in doing a lot of traveling to spend time to talk with other librarians just was not there.
  • I cannot do everything. My 38th year on Earth was the one where I felt the most human. I noticed that I sometimes have a limit which is something I do not think I really felt until this past year. With age comes wisdom and on the flipside the feeling that I can’t be everything to everyone at all times. You take the good, you take the bad…
  • Lean Into It. This year I discovered that when people are good at something they should continue to do that thing, focus in on the details, and refine their process even further. Everyone has something that they are great at. This thing is what everyone should be doing in their life. It doesn’t matter what that thing is. Lean into it. I am doing my best to lean into the things I do well.
  • I enjoy video games and the escape that they provide me. I like taking what I’ve experienced in video games and then sharing that with the part of the world that may not understand video games. For me this translates to writing about video games for public librarians. I hope to do this more in the future.
  • I was completely blown away by the support that our friends gave when we asked for their help in working on Fidelia Hall. To the people that helped: you have no idea how much your financial support helped our family get to a better place overall. Money isn’t everything and it never will be, but sometimes it is very much needed to reach a point. We reached that point thanks to many of our friends.
  • Overall I feel the most at peace I have been since I was a child. Teenage years brought teenage angst, my twenties brought depression, and my early thirties brought what seemed like to be a never-ending search for something. 2018 was the year where part of that search, the depression, and any angst ended. I feel like a refined, forward thinking human being as I move into 2019. I am thankful for that.


  1. Hi, Justin! Just wanted to say I’m happy for you on having a good 2018. You accomplished a bit and seem content. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Don Miguel Ruiz and his book, The Four Agreements, but I highly recommend it. One of the four agreements is “Always do your best,” however, your best can vary depending on the circumstances (for example, when you’re sick vs. when you’re healthy). It reminds me not to beat myself over the head for being human sometimes. Please continue to be good to yourself and best wishes for a good 2019! -Eileen

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