The Small But Important Work

I share this not because I want a pat on the back or a “good work Justin” from folks on social media, but instead as a way to remind every librarian out there that they’re doing great work for their community. What did you do today in your library? Did you help someone find something? Did you help them fax something? Did you put on an event? Did you do some community outreach? I bet all of you reading this did something that helped someone else, and I wanted to remind you that what you’re doing is important, even if it is a very small thing.

I helped this patron with some printing, gave them extra computer time to finish their letter, and was patient and kind to them while they were here. It wasn’t a lot of work and I was very happy to do it. Approach is key. How do you approach all of the work you do, from the big projects to the tiny but nonetheless important day to day interactions? Positivity always wins. I know it’s tough to always remain that way, especially in the face of physical and mental tiredness, but if you can even muster up a wee little bit it can be the key to making the day just a little bit better.

Library work is very important to all of the communities around the world. Keep doing what you are doing and keep doing it with as many smiles as you can. You’re doing great.


  1. Hi Justin, I totally agree with you. The reason I like my library job so much is because it’s a “Yes I can”, type job. “Can you help me find a book?”. “Yes I can.” “Can you you help me take my books out to the car since I’m in a wheelchair and need assistance?” “Yes I can.” and so on. Thanks for the reminder about being a positive influence.

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