Here We Go: “Fidelia Hall” and “She’s The Boss EP” by Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine COMING SOON

Last week here in Titusville, PA at Fidelia Hall I finished recording what for now will be my final two musical projects that started and ended in the United States. Since moving to Titusville, PA in 2015 I’ve been on a bit of a creative musical tear and it has been great. A lot of neat songs and recording sessions have come from those moments and I am forever thankful.

The final two musical projects I will be releasing on August 23, 2019 are a ten song album titled FIDELIA HALL and a four song EP titled SHE’S THE BOSS. Below are two songs to preview from these collections. Coming soon are some links to pre-save or pre-order the collections from every possible digital music platform out there.

I hope you enjoy these songs and the forthcoming albums. I had a great time writing and recording this music.

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