A Time of Focus, Patience, and Renewal: See You in 2020

HI THERE. I visited a Wawa recently. It was nice. I like their soft pretzels. I’ll see you all in 2020.

Hi there everyone. I hope you’re having a fantastic day here. When people ask how things are going for me at the moment I like to tell them this: imagine I am a scale and on the right side I’m holding happiness and excitement and on the left side I am holding the feeling of being overwhelmed and scared of the numerous changes happening on a day to day basis. At every point in the day I am doing my best to hold those scales in balance. Both sides are good to have and to feel and both sides need to be in check at all times. That’s the way I’m moving ahead at the moment. I am working hard to nicely close up this chapter of life while planning on the move and then settling into life in New Zealand. This is real, this is happening, and we’re doing it. Life is wonderful.

With that said, there are some things that will have to step to the side for the moment. This website, pretty much all of the social media you can find me on, and any other extra projects will be put on hold until at least 2020. There’s only so much energy I can put out into the world at this moment and I want all of it to go to my family, our move to New Zealand, and eventually getting settled into Wellington so that I can be the best Team Leader I can be for Wellington City Libraries.

I’ll still be able to reached in the following ways:

With this period of focus, patience, and renewal I hope to not only get through this big move but also come out of it as some kind of enhanced version of Justin (who can forget when I went through a heavy I am pretty sure I am becoming a cyborg phase?). I want to be a great member of the New Zealand community and I also want to get back to being one heck of a librarian and staff leader. I think I kind of lost my mojo for a bit there. To get it back, I think I have to take a step back, grow, and then emerge from my cocoon as something better and more useful to the world.


  1. De-lurking to say that I (part of the team at North Cluster) am very much looking forward to meeting you. Happy cocooning and we’ll see you when you emerge. To quote a favourite dwarf ‘Just keep breathing, that’s the key’.

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