A List of 27 Amazing Things

A set of well over 125 stairs in Ngaio, Wellington, NZ. I love how these stairs are tucked away but once you find them it’s like you’ve found a hidden path. Kudos to the community for also keeping these maintained.

I made a list similar to this about 4 years ago so I thought it was a neat chance to do another one. Here’s the first one if you are interested.

  1. Finn and his growth into a young tween.
  2. Aero and his recent creative discoveries.
  3. The new Animal Crossing video game.
  4. Morning tea with Haley.
  5. Haley rediscovering herself.
  6. Sleeping in just a little bit but not too much.
  7. The public transportation around Wellington, NZ (specifically the trains).
  8. Walking up Mt. Kaukau.
  9. The beaches in Plimmerton.
  10. Taking off my shoes and walking along the bit where the ocean meets the beach.
  11. Learning how to drive in New Zealand.
  12. RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 8-9-10-11.
  13. Learning about the royal family.
  14. Adventures all around the Southern tip of the North Island in New Zealand.
  15. The band Cornershop.
  16. TO BE WITH YOU by Mr. Big
  17. Common Ground Cafe in Johnsonville, Wellington, NZ.
  18. Red Puma shoes.
  19. Going through a difficult patch, realising that it’s only temporary, and noticing the growth that happened inside of me.
  20. Pilot G-2 10 pens.
  21. The commute home on public transportation coupled with a podcast or music.
  22. Doing the laundry and then hanging it up outside to dry.
  23. The smell of laundry that was dried outside.
  24. Wellington City Council rubbish bags and how they make me aware of how much trash we are creating.
  25. Working to live, not living to work.
  26. Weird sets of hidden stairs all around Wellington, NZ.
  27. Paying taxes in New Zealand: knowing that there is a social net underneath everyone and that having that social net to promote well being and happiness works.


  1. I am so happy to read that you are settling in – we are an interesting breed – Kiwis. 🙂 still also hoping you will be able to visit us in South Taranaki someday soon …:)

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