“We have to speak about things in the right manner”

Yesterday I came across this clip in my timeline. Thanks to some Wikipedia-ing, I learned that Jürgen Klopp works in futbol. I know nothing about futbol but I do know that a lot of people like it. I won’t talk about futbol anymore because that’s kind of the point of this whole post.

Jürgen’s words have been resonating since I saw this video. A lot of times I will have some ideas floating in my head that I just cannot get a full grasp on. It’s only when I hear something that someone else says that it begins to make sense. This is where Jürgen comes back into the picture. I’ve had a lot of frustration over the last year or so with social media. I say the last year or so, but honestly you can go back and find me blabbing on about social media even further back than that. At the core I guess I just have some issues with social media, how we portray ourselves on it, and how it has changed moving forward.

Back to Jürgen: it just makes so much sense to me that we all stick to what we’re best at in this world. Jürgen is good at futbol. Justin is good* at libraries. Ask yourself what you are good at. But we’ve now been given these platforms where we can expound on any topic we’d like without any limits. We’re also living in a world where we need to fill all of the spaces with information, conversation, and more. To fill in these gaps, we’ve gotten creative about the questions we are asking. We now know what every single personality out there thinks about politics, sports, music, art, and more. Do we need to know all of this? I take the side of Jürgen in this case and say no. Let’s talk to people about what they’re good about and leave the other topics to the people that are good with those.

I realise that at this time we’re also living in an age where it’s best that we all use our voices to speak up and change the world towards the positive. So there’s that part of me which says to tune out Jürgen going on as well. With everything, there has to be a balance that we all must search for and achieve. When we get to that balance that’s when the good stuff happens.

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