New Zealand will be going on a 4 week lockdown in about 14 hours, so I’ve been thinking about the many “work” related things that I can do and one of them is to write and share. I like the THREE THINGS format so I’m going to roll with this as much as I can.


This morning I prepared our family’s morning tea, but right before I dove into that routine I picked out a record to listen to. I went with The Beach Boys TODAY! album. It’s a good one, but I don’t usually go this early in the Beach Boys career with my listening habits of theirs. I should rethink that, as I found myself really enjoying the pop perfection of the whole thing.

The thing that really made me happy was the act of picking out that vinyl record, preparing it for the record player, and listening to the hum and crackle before the first song. I get why we are so connected to physical items…books, records, and more. There’s a system that comes with getting ready to digest these things. You have thought, movement, and hope all tied together as you prepare to take in the art form of your choice. Once you’re all settled in then you have the moment where it all comes together and BOOM! you have what you were seeking right in front of you. This flows nicely into the next thing on my list…


I believe that one of the key things that a musical artist needs to have a successful album is a great first track on side one of their album. Side One Track One sets the tone. Side One Track One either hooks you or it sets in motion your eventual departure from the album. Side One Track One is the keystone for every great pop album. You’ve gotta hook the listener.

There’s so many great Side One Track One examples out there. What are some of your favourites? Below you’ll find a quick run through of some great Side One Track One examples that I’ve picked up through the years. There are so many more, so I’ll update this playlist as they come across my brain. For now, enjoy!


I have always been a chocolate kind of person. Give me chocolate or I’ll pass on dessert.

Here in New Zealand, there seems to be a lack of a lot of chocolate desserts, so I’m faced with a crucial decision in my life: expand my list of acceptable dessert items or pass on dessert a lot of times. Coming up on 40 years of age, I’ve decided to make the change and expand what I’ll consider when it comes to dessert items. Last night I dove into the weird yet magical world of Sticky Date Pudding. I was apprehensive at the beginning. This wasn’t the pudding that I came to love as a kid and I’m pretty sure were never a thing that I have considered eating in my life. But I trusted the baker (our good friend Stephen) and his process so I decided to give it a go. I’m happy that I did. Sticky Date Pudding lives up to the hype. Not only is it sticky but it is also a sweet and delicious treat. I like how the golden syrup flavour really comes out when you dig your fork or spoon into this treat. The dates blend into the background and add something so little but so important to the overall dish. Moving ahead, I’ll gladly consider some non-chocolate items in my dessert menu.

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