November 2020

I used these words to summarize how I felt about my days at work in November 2020.

THE RATINGS: November 2020: Work Time=7.42 out of 10.00, Family/Home Time= 9.54 out of 10.00

Rating every single day that I am alive is working out really well. These quick recordings provide me a glimpse into what I was feeling on a certain day. Now that I have more than a year worth of data I can look into that and clearly see why I am feeling a certain way and what I can do to remedy any wanderings down a bad path. This has taught me that overall my life isn’t a pile of shit…instead I see that like most normal human beings I have good and bad moments and that these moments are usually pretty separate from one another. The bad moments tend to linger around more than the positive ones, so knowing when they have occurred allows me to minimize any future impacts that they may have in the days after them.

I am happiest when I am at my home and with my family. When we’re able to enjoy the world around us or when I am able to write and record music is when life is at its best. Over the past month we’ve had some really great moments as a family. Aero turned 9 and we had a really nice party at the Ngaio Town Hall. It was neat to finally get our kiwi friends together in one space and see what happens. Getting friends together seems to be one of our family superpowers. We haven’t done much of it during our time here in Aotearoa but now that we have we can more clearly see that we have to do just that more often. Aero continues to improve his amazingly natural breakdancing skills. He for sure gets his amazing ability to move and dance from Haley. I like his intensity for breakdancing. He’s always had a great intensity about him and I love it. Finn has been creating some amazing artwork and is really developing his style. There’s something amazing to me about how he can capture so many emotions in his art. I was never able to do this and I always wanted to be able to do that. He’s still got a strong love for puppeteering, but just like me he gets into something really intensely and then has to set it aside for a moment and take a breath. Finn went to a really great puppeteering workshop this past month where he was the youngest person by at least 10 years. It was neat to watch him hold his own at such a young age and know that he’s going to keep growing. I am proud of both Finn & Aero.

Work is work and I don’t really have much to say about that these days. I still enjoy libraries and I want to give what I can to make them better. I am at my best when I can provide unique ways of looking at things for others to consider and when I can provide my staff with the freedom to explore new ideas, services, and more. I am not a paperwork, process, and political person. I do not want to play any games to get things done. I want to see the problem, I want to solve the problem, and then I want to move to the next thing. I will continue to do what I do to the best of my ability and use my ratings system to make sure I am aware and understanding of what I am feeling and why.

Music continues to be written and recorded. This past month I released a single titled GMOTHTRA VARIATIONS. You can read about it and listen at the link provided. I am proud of this weird and artistic detour. A lot of what I am writing and recording now are in pieces here and there. I have the thoughts running through my head and heart and I capture as much as I can. I set the rest aside for later. I don’t know what will come out of all of this. Sometimes I want to set it all aside and rest for a bit, but then the next day I get inspired to complete things. This is just a phase in my musical life and with any kind of phase it will come and go.

I think this is all I have for now. Have a nice holiday season, enjoy the holiday music and your friends and family as much as you can, and stay safe.

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