December 2020

THE RATINGS: December 2020 Work Time=7.00 out of 10.00, Family/Home Time= 9.50 out of 10.00

The end of the calendar year is a time where the world slows down. Everyone pauses to look back at what happened during the year that is almost over. Almost everyone is ready to leave that year behind. 2020 is the year where I can with 100% certainty say that everyone is ready to leave the year behind them. In the middle of this pause and reflection there’s also a bit of future thinking going on. “What can I do in the new year?” “How can I grow and better my life?” This is the time where we all sit back, reflect on what was, and think about a possible future. It is one of my favorite times of the year because there’s great energy coming from everyone on Earth while they’re in this mode. I love to think, reflect, and look ahead towards how things can improve. It’s who I am and how I am wired. So when the rest of the world is on this path I feel like I’m part of something bigger than just my tiny slice of the world. A sense of belonging is an important thing for all humans to have. When we feel like we’re part of something and not an outcast we thrive more.

The libraries which I inhabit during the days are quiet. Regular programs and events are on hold while everyone is enjoying the holiday. The work from the library crowd, both the folks immersed in capitalism and the students studying, are absent as well. The library space becomes a place where people hang out and where people collect their latest books and movies. It’s the modern public library in its simplest form, acting as nothing more than a space to be and a place where you can borrow stuff. I can’t help but draw comparisons to when we came out of NZ Covid-19 lockdown and reopened our spaces to the public. The only difference is that we’re not limiting the amount of people in the library at one time. The cities and town squares where I walk are not exactly ghost towns but they’re not bustling like they usually are. In the past I’d say they’re ghost towns, but having experienced the NZ Covid-19 lockdown that happened earlier this year I can now say that experience is the closest I’ll ever get to properly being in a ghost town. I take that back. I did live in Titusville, PA for 4.5 years, but that’s another story for another time.

I like the simplicity, the quietness, and the reflection of these times so very much because it’s so different than what the world is usually like. To me this is how the world should be at all times, not just in the moments in between two major holidays. Usually we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, focusing on projects and tasks, getting lost in our own day to day things. We’re also putting so much energy into embellishing the importance of every bit of our work and tasks. If we don’t get this spreadsheet done, that’ll be the end of the world! Cries of “it’s been so busy recently” are the mantra for most of the year. We make, to borrow a phrase from my childhood, mountains out of molehills about everything in our lives. Things should be simpler at all times, not just during the end of the year moments. Not every project or task needs to be elevated to “the most important thing in my life/work” level. Things can be what they are and those things can happen in a simpler way if we allow them to. If we all make an effort to slow down, reflect, and more patience throughout the whole year I believe that as a team we can shift how humans approach life and everything in between. We are all beings of limited time and energy, so why not stop using this precious time and energy on things which make us angry, grumpy, irritable, and sad? We can change the way we exist in the world if we give ourselves more quiet time, more time for reflection, more patience towards others, and stop embellishing how busy we are in our day to day lives.

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021. It will be another year and we will all get through it with love, patience, and kindness.


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