REVIEW: “OK HUMAN” by Weezer

A FEW YEARS AGO I was standing behind my desk at the Benson Memorial Library listening to late 70’s early 80’s disco mixes on Mixcloud all day. This happened for 2-3 years straight. At one point the person I was sharing my office with asked me if there was ever going to be a chance that I stopped listening to disco music. I could hear a tinge of please Justin would you stop listening to disco music at work in her voice. I can’t remember my reply (it was probably “nope” since I continue to listen to this day) but I remember thinking about how my obsessive music consuming habits do affect others around my life. It stuck with me. I learned that even if I’m listening to something on a quiet volume there’s still a chance that everyone else around me is listening.

That past moment in time came up in my mind when last week Weezer announced that they’d be releasing the album OK HUMAN on 29 January 2021. That’s a work day for me so I thought about how I’d be able to focus on my work and the music at the same time. With that in mind I decided that I’d spend the day working from home today for the simple fact that I wanted to keep this album on repeat all day long and I didn’t want to upset my kiwi colleagues.

I came into OK HUMAN really, really loving the first single “All My Favorite Songs“. The production of the song, its overall feeling and mood, and the instrumentation were all perfectly in place in a 3 minute pop song. I had amazingly high hopes for OK HUMAN as a whole, and I’m happy to see that as I’ve been listening to it all weekend that it has never let me down.

I consider this album to easily fit into Weezer’s “masterpiece” albums tier (up there with the Blue Album, Pinkerton, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and the White Album). The thing that stands out to me the most is just how amazing each and every song is. They are all really enjoyable, easily memorable, well produced, and they flow well together. As a whole the album works. It starts and it just keeps on going right up until the end. I have been playing it on repeat all morning and it amazes me how “La Brea Tar Pits” ends and just so nicely goes back to the beginning. It all works. The album is a cycle and it’s so beautiful. The producer Jake Sinclair has done a great job getting the best out of these songs. The instrumentation is perfect. A job well done all around. I’ve been hard on the band in the past (you can read my reviews here) but this time around I’ve got nothing but love. OK HUMAN is an album that is lovely. OK HUMAN is an album that is full of love. OK HUMAN is a masterpiece in the Weezer catalog. OK HUMAN is the album that shows why I stick with Weezer. I may have to wade through so much shit to get here but albums like this are worth it.

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