PRESS RELEASE: QUARKS 3 by Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine

PRESS RELEASE: “QUARKS 3” by Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine released on September 3, 2021

QUARKS 3, the third album in the QUARKS series of EPs by Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine, was released on Arbacarba Records (ARB-019) on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3 2021. This installment of QUARKS was written & recorded in New Zealand between 2020-2021 and features Abigail Foster’s Photosynthesis Machine leader Justin Hoenke collaborating on a number of pieces with his two children, Aero & Finn. QUARKS 3 will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, etc) and will be available to purchase as an audio download at: 


“QUARKS has always been a family affair. It was my wife Haley who had the original idea for me to put out all of these short songs that I’m always recording. She put this whole series in motion. As our kids get older they get more involved in the tunes because I’m writing and recording them as we’re all hanging out in the living room. The next natural step is to get them involved in the fun that I have with music.”


“QUARKS 1 was all about recreating the experience I had flipping through cable TV channels as a child. QUARKS 2 was some kind of attempt to make a semi-understandable song and sound collage.  QUARKS 3 brings elements from the first two installments together and introduces bizarre characters, weirdo locations, and some form of an overarching storyline in a weird alternate universe that lives in my head.”


  1. Jambo Chambo
  2. In The Summertime
  3. Décolletage
  4. Sand Witch
  5. Franklin Poltergeist Theme Song
  6. Band Aid Lake
  7. How’s About Some Folks?
  8. Secret Way
  9. The Old Wild West Part : Introduction
  10. The Old Wild West Part 2: Kind People Are Kind Of The Best
  11. The Old Wild West Part 3: Carson & Lily
  12. The Old Wild West Part 4: Everybody Needs A Friend
  13. The Old Wild West Part : Goodbye
  14. The Curry
  15. Shopping List
  16. Doodilies
  17. Mabel’s Theme
  18. GMothra Variation #5
  19. We Really Miss You
  20. I Really Love Xanadu
  21. Seatoun Link
  22. Aero & Justin
  23. Hey My Head
  24. July Bagelthorpe, Esquire
  25. You Should Write A Letter

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For more information, please contact:
Justin Hoenke
@justinlibrarian on twitter

JUSTIN HERE: Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my musical endeavours all through my life. I always love putting together the songs in the QUARKS series, and this one is no different. Enjoy! Thank you for listening.

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