Family, Fidelia Hall, Life, Titusville, PA

Fidelia Hall (Winter/Spring 2017 Update)

When we decided to buy a 144 year old church building and a house that’s most likely also over 100 years old, we knew that we would be looking at nonstop home repairs, upgrades, and more. We knew that once we completed a project that it would be onto the next one, and that each… Continue reading Fidelia Hall (Winter/Spring 2017 Update)

Family, Fidelia Hall, Life, Titusville, PA

Fidelia Hall Spring 2016

Life at the Hoenke home aka Fidelia Hall is very good. Spring is very much in the air, the birds are out and chirping, the plants are growing, and everything just feels pretty darn great. Most of what Fidelia Hall is now and what it is becoming is due to my excellent partner Haley. Since the weather… Continue reading Fidelia Hall Spring 2016


An Event & Gathering Center with a passion for building community through creativity. Located in the heart of Titusville, PA. Fidelia Hall was founded in 2015 by Haley and Justin Hoenke. In July 2015, Haley and Justin completed the purchase of 102 Brook Street in Titusville, PA. The former rectory became the family home while the… Continue reading FIDELIA HALL