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REVIEW: Hey! Pikmin


If you love all things Nintendo and especially if you love things that are super cute, chances are that you love Pikmin. What isn’t there to love about these neat little space people crash landing on random planets only to find adorable and colorful plant-like creatures that help you solve puzzles?

Hey! Pikmin is the first portable version of the game as well as being the first side scrolling title in the series. While very different from Pikmin 1, 2, and 3, Hey! Pikmin still manages to capture the charm and puzzle solving that this series brings to players. Players once again control Olimar and guide him through levels as he collects Sparklium in his attempt to get enough fuel to power his ship. Each level has the player finding Pikmin and solving puzzles along the way. Unlike other entries in this series, there is no day/night cycle and the objectives are to save as many Pikmin as you can, find as much Sparklium as you can, and maybe grab 2-3 hidden objects each level. On the main map screen, there’s a neat feature called “Pikmin Park” where you can send the Pikmin you’ve found into uncharted areas to find more Sparklium as you continue your quest. It’s the adorable little things like this that makes this game so much fun.

Don’t pay attention to some of the reviews out there. While Hey! Pikmin isn’t as deep as the other games in the Pikmin series, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. In fact, I found it to be quite enjoyable. The levels are not difficult by any means, but are still interesting enough to keep you playing more.

Justin’s Rating: 8/10



I wanted to write a grand post to say goodbye to 2011 like I did in 2010, but I kept coming up short.  I don’t have some grand message to pass along this year.  I had my ups and my downs this year as a person and as a librarian.  I said goodbye to some things, and I said hello to other new opportunities.  It was a year for getting things in order.

If I were a band and was asked to make an album from my writings this year, he’s how the track list would look:

I welcome 2012 with open arms and wish the best for everyone reading this, their families, and their friends.

I’ll be pretty MIA for the rest of 2011.  My wife Haley and I are expecting our second child any day now, so I take the librarian hat off and put the full time family hat on.
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REVIEW: Sonic Colors

WHAT?  Sonic Colors is the latest entry into the Sonic world of video games.  Melding a 2.5D perspective with a 3D perspective, Sonic Colors finds our hero running around Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park in hopes of foiling the Doctor’s latest scheme to take over the world.

WHY? I picked up Sonic Colors because I thought it would be a great way to spend my time over the weekend.  I know from past experiences that Sonic games don’t take a lot of energy and involvement to enjoy (not a bad thing at all), so this caught my eye.  I was very wrong.  I felt that Sonic Colors was tiring and dull to play, and I use the term “play” loosely.  The control of the game was absolutely horrible.  Half of the time, I didn’t know if I was controlling Sonic or if he was on autopilot.  Sure, the visuals were awesome at these points and Sonic was moving extremely quickly (which is one of the reasons why Sonic games are great) but not feeling like you’re actually playing the game was not fun at all.

WHO? Sonic Colors may be enjoyable for a younger audience, but I highly recommend that libraries give Sonic Mega Collection for the Nintendo GameCube.  In this title, you get 7 really solid Sonic games that you actually play.