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Never Stop Looking Up


Take a moment and look up wherever you may be on this Earth.

The trees all around us in Titusville, PA these days are budding, ready to sprout new leaves that will provide us some protection from the sun in the upcoming summer months. A familiar sound reemerges in those trees. The songs and chirps of birds have returned after a few months absence. We are happy to have all of this back after the winter.

A few days ago we sat in our treehouse and heard a very loud sound coming from the trees above. Finn remarked that it must be a hawk because of how loud it was and his idea of what a hawk would sound like. I agreed with him. It sounded like the bird that opened The Colbert Report. We continued to monitor the treetops, looking for our elusive hawk. We only saw the turkey vultures that usually circle the area above our home. It wasn’t them making this sound…it had to be something else, something hidden.

Out of the corner of our eyes we spied two blue jays doing a little song and dance for each other. We were amazed that that sound could come from a blue jay. We enjoyed the dance they did for each other, weaving from branch to branch with ease and grace. Finn, Aero, and I learned something new together. I was reminded how amazing the world can be if we just take a moment to look up. Never stop looking up. You will learn something new when you look up at the world in a different way. I am 37.5 years old and I never knew what a blue jay sounded like until I looked up. Finn and Aero reminded me to do that. I’m now passing that along to you. Have a nice day.

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Thank You ★

Around 2:20AM.

It felt real but the images all around me told me that it was a dream. Floating in and out of space, the visuals were not of this world. The sharp pain on the left side of my head was very real however, and it urged me to WAKE UP. The left side of my brain. Ouch. My eye could barely open. Something is happening inside of your head. But something is also happening elsewhere. WAKE UP.

I walked down the hall and then down the stairs. I knew where the ibuprofen bottle was located. Two? Three? Nah, I’ll take four this time. The pain in my head was familiar but this time it felt a lot stronger. Four seemed like a good number to numb the brain and let me get back to sleep.

I walked into the kitchen. It is constantly lit by a few holiday lights that float like stars above us. I turned sharply. The TV was still on. The blue from the still VCR screen shined brightly. My left eye hit the sharp color and I curled up a little bit. My eye absorbed the image and the rest of my body couldn’t take it. I curled up a little bit and almost tripped over myself.

All of this was a migraine of course but I think it was something more. Sometimes there are people that spend their time on Earth and they have a considerable impact on others. Mr. Bowie was one of those people. SOUND AND VISION was the song that hit me in teenage years. The lack of lyrics from the start, the bizarre sounds throughout, and the “hello here I am an now I’m done and gone” vibe of the whole song hit me. What a great piece of art.

Now Mr. Bowie is gone from this world but his art will always be with us. I think more about his family in the wake of his passing now than I do his art. I hope they are well.

Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a meter and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried