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A DAY IN THE LIFE from Information Today


If you’re not a subscriber of Information Today magazine and you like my writing, you may want to consider subscribing today.

How’d this come about? A few years ago, Information Today asked me to be a part of things like this and this and it was really nice to be a part of something like this. This past year, they asked me to write a four part series called TALES FROM THE LIBRARY TRENCHES and that was a blast. I also dabbled in writing some quick News Breaks for them (like this one) and that too was great. At the core, I just really like to write and share things with other human beings. So when Brandi Scardilli, Editor of Information Today reached out and asked if I wanted to do a column the answer was easy: of course!

For the first two entries in my column, I’ve interviewed three great librarians: Cath Sheard and Katherine Bosworth (South Taranaki Libraries, NZ) and Warren Cheetham (CityLibraries Townsville, Australia). I’ve got a lot of really great people coming up in the queue: Porsche Schlapper, Sarah Houghton, James McNutt, Erin Wincek, Alex Lent, and more. Basically this list reads like a who’s who of people who I find interesting, inspiring, and just basically awesome, and my hope is that through this column they will inspire you too.

For now, this column is available via the print publication only, so that’s why I am suggesting that you subscribe….plus there is a whole lot more to read. I’ve always enjoyed this publication. It has a strong tech focus but what shines most about it is that it has a strong focus on people. The contributors all have their own styles and ideas and when brought together they really create a unique read for librarians.

You can read more about my new column A DAY IN THE LIFE over here at this post.

And once again, if you want to subscribe to Information Today click here!

***please note***

  • Yes, I get paid to write this column.
  • No, there is no part of my contract with Information Today that says that I have to write any blog posts on Justin The Librarian promoting anything I write for Information Today.
  • Yes, I am writing this post just because I want to share what I and others have written for Information Today.
  • No, I am not a sell out.



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7:00-9:00AM: Sleep in because you deserve it.

10:00AM: Eat Breakfast and Talk About Things

11:00AM: Stand up, talk to someone new, and ask someone to go for a walk with you.

11:30PM: FIRST SESSIONS. Choose from one of the following:

  • Let’s sit around a table and talk about books we love
  • Let’s play some video games/board games together
  • Let’s go outside and be nice/do nice things to/for random strangers

1:00PM: Lunch and Talk About Things. There will be a stand up comedian who will put on a really funny performance while we eat because laughing is great.

2:15PM: SECOND SESSIONS. Choose from one of the following:

  • Let’s sit around a circle and talk about what we can do every day to make our libraries better for people. Think about the small things!
  • If you like to make music, join us in a room where we all can play instruments and make music.
  • Meditate: We’re just going to sit in this room and meditate.

3:45 PM: Afternoon Tea/Coffee and some exercise

4:15 PM: We’ll invite a guest speaker to talk to us for a bit. 30 minutes tops. They will be awesome and funny and inspire.

5:00 PM: Everybody needs a little time away. Go get some dinner by yourself or with a group. We don’t have to babysit you the whole conference. Do what you want.

9:00 PM: We’ve organized a get together at a bar. Beer and liquor make people feel relaxed and then we all can talk more and take our crazy ideas even further.

12:00 AM: Dance Party. Let’s find a really great gay dance club and dance for awhile.

2:00 AM: The dance party may close up at this time and we are probably worn out from dancing a lot. Let’s go to a greasy spoon and get some breakfast food.

4:00 AM: Goodnight everyone. Go to bed. You deserve it.

THE NEXT DAY: No sessions, no meetings, nothing. You get to take the day off and sleep in. You deserve it.

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Branch has the possibility to change how we use Twitter

I’m not a big tech person who can spot trends, etc (I really thought Google Wave was gonna be awesome) but I’m very excited about Branch, a service that recently was unveiled.  I’ll turn it over to Richard Macmanus of Read Write Web to give you some info on the service:

You can start a discussion based on something you found on the Web, or an original thought. You then add people to the discussion via email or Twitter – so the discussion remains closed and you control who’s in it. However you can choose to publish the branch publicly elsewhere, such as on WordPress.

My thoughts on Branch?  This could change how we use Twitter quite a bit.  I’ve used Twitter on many occasions to build booklists for my library members but I’ve always had trouble collecting the responses.  Branch will solve that.

I’ve only been involved in one conversation on Branch so far but I’ve enjoyed the conversation: http://on.branch.com/N6n9YH

Read more about Branch here and here

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If this is communication, I disconnect

For 27 years Ive been trying to believe
and confide in different people I’ve found.
Some of them got closer than others and
someone wouldnt even bother and then you came around

I didnt really know what to call you, you didnt know me at all
But I was happy to explain.
I never really knew how to move you
So I tried to intrude through the little holes in your veins
And I saw you

But thats not an invitation, thats all I get
If this is communication, I disconnect
Ive seen you, I know you
But I dont know
How to connect, so I disconnect

I’m not gonna beat around the bush folks.  I’ve been down quite a bit recently.  And confused.  The idea of disconnecting from the internet has crossed my mind so many times over the past few weeks.  I want to throw my Blackberry into the ocean.  I want to cancel my internet subscription.  Delete my Twitter account, withdraw from Facebook, and heck, maybe even stop blogging.

Social media is a beautiful thing.  I get so much inspiration and ideas from being involved.  I’ve met so many wonderful people using social media that I now call my friends.  Yet at the same time, social media has been weighing heavily on my soul.  Sometimes you put so much into something you believe so much in and you get very little out.  Maybe I’m just being a selfish jerk.  I don’t know.   But anywho, it feels like there’s a communication breakdown.

How do you get out of a communication breakdown?