What I learned over the past 2 years: A thank you to the Teens of the Cape May County Library (Part 2)

I’ve managed to be successful with teens at one library, but how in the hell can I do it again?

This the thought that was in my head when I moved down here to Cape May County, NJ.  I didn’t have the energy to connect with any more teens.  I just didn’t think I was cool enough to be their librarian.  The population I serve at the Cape May County Library was very different.  I was intimidated.  I couldn’t rely on my bag of old tricks to get them to the library.  I had to think outside the box.  While scary at first, I now realize how much good came out of this.

The teens in Cape May County were nothing but welcoming.  They started swarming my desk after a month or so.  I got to know them by name.  High fives started being exchanged.  I felt like part of a team. One time a group of teens brought me some Chinese food.  It was delicious.  I think you know you’ve made it when they bring you Chinese food.

To the teens of the Cape May County Library: thank you for being different.  Thank you for letting me try out new things at the library.  Thank you for coming to the library.  Thank you for being my friend.   You are an awesome bunch of people and I will never forget you.


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