Hilary Weisman Graham/Dilly Dilly/Level 3 Book and Music Tour

I’ve posted about this project before and I’m jazzed now that it’s actually out on the road happening!  It’s so cool to see a project come to life and have libraries and their communities really enjoying it.

Dilly Dilly and a few teens in the Reunited Bus at Lane Chicopee Public Library in Chicopee, MA

Dilly Dilly playing the saw at a library!  Awesome!

Any library can be part of this tour…you can get free stuff!

More free stuff? http://curiouscitydpw.com/press-kit/reunited-level3/

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve been working as part of a team with Kirsten Cappy, Michael Whittaker, Hilary Weisman Graham, and Dilly Dilly on this project for Curious City.


  1. Hi Justin, a correction: The picture you posted isn’t from New Hampshire, it was taken by me, here at the Chicopee Public Library in Chicopee, MA.We had a great time with Dilly Dilly, she was so open to hanging out with the teens!

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