Day One at Internet Librarian

The big theme that I took away from my first day at the 2012 Internet Librarian conference was STOP TALKING DO IMPORTANT THINGS. The time for libraries to act is NOW.

@JustinLibrarian: “Create opportunities for teens to find each other” Great quote from @sconsidine

@JustinLibrarian: Fayetteville Free Library has members attend session to learn about maker space. After they’re done they get a badge on their card! #il2012

@JustinLibrarian: YOU DO NOT NEED AN EXISTING SPACE TO HAVE A MAKERSPACE (that’s from @sconsidine) (and we should listen to that) #internetlibrarian

@pcsweeney: Gaming industry generates more jobs and money than publishing industry. @sabrams #internetlibrarian

@bpichman: Invest in creative spaces, tools, creative employees and let em run wild. Just do it, stop wasting staff time discussing #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: The partner @pcsweeney works with in his guitar lending program gives FREE lessons to library members that are interested. So cool.

@JustinLibrarian: Learning about Sifteo with @bpichman. So cool. #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Everyone in libraries should check out what @bpichman and @Dhesse75 are doing with THE EVOLVE PROJECT. #internetlibrarian

@pcsweeney: You can check out the INSIDE of @Dhesse75 and @bpichman library on google maps #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: @sabram blew my mind RE: databases. No longer about telling people stuff but instead giving them tools to make decisions #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Passion is a REALLY hard thing to teach to people so MAKE SURE YOU HIRE PASSIONATE PEOPLE via @pcsweeney #internetlibrarian

@bpichman: Let the patrons define the space ; art, collection, furniture, etc. @JustinLibrarian @pcsweeney #internetlibrarian

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