Day Three at Internet Librarian

The big theme that I took away from my third day at the 2012 Internet Librarian conference was that a major part of our job is to now ENCOURAGE CURIOSITY. A major part of what we will be doing in libraries in the next few years is encouraging our patrons to GET INVOLVED WITH ALL KIND OF STUFF.

@JustinLibrarian: 66% of adults and teens have Internet access at home are ARE CONTENT CREATORS #internetlibrarain via @lrainie

@JustinLibrarian: Only 16% of people use Twitter but those who do are major INFLUENCERS #internetlibrarain

@theanalogdivide: @JustinLibrarian That’s a good addendum. How can we translate that influence to the non-Twiternet? #internet librarian

@JustinLibrarian: @theanalogdivide I think we need to talk to each other less and push our comfort zone. I love talking to tech folks! #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Basically @lrainie just said that people have no clue how many apps they have but they sure do have a lot. #internetlibrarain

@jessamyn: As I consistently say: people including young people still go to the library all the damned time. FACT. Pew Research:

@librarythinking 1/3 of non borrowers of ebooks want classes and want libraries to lend devices with ebooks on them #internetlibrarian

@librarythinking libraries: you’ve got to do a better job marketing services: especially ebooks because people don’t know! #internetlibrarian

@JennPodolsky: If, like me, u can’t see the PPT, here’s @lrainie ‘s keynote #internetlibrarian

@theanalogdivide: Just got a mental image of @lrainie tossing Snausages into the crowd’s open, hungry mouths. Tasty data treats. #internetlibrarian

@desertlibrarian: That’s fascinating – youngest users (16-17 yo) use library resources waaaay more than ll the other age ranges. #InternetLibrarian

@theanalogdivide: Question from @lrainie: Should libns be all things to all people, or do a few things really well? #internetlibrarian

@acornsandnuts: @JustinLibrarian @theanalogdivide @lrainie we can’t afford to be all things to all people.

@dawnrnelson: “high schoolers-significantly more likely-interested in checking out pre-loaded e-readers”-?check out Nooks@schools? #internetlibrarian

@infoexplora: Libraries appreciated more for meaning to community than personal use. @lrainie keynote #internetlibrarian

@pcsweeney: Is it bad that folks still think of books when they think of libraries? Should we change it or capitalize on it? #internetlibrarian

@pcsweeney: “They stress the need for better marketing” I still think marketing is the one thing we have to do better #internetlibrarian

@moerye: “Be aggressive about telling your story” & “Provide aggressive customer service” #internetlibrarian #leerainie

@skeskali: Lots are retweeting the “all things to all people” Q from the keynote, but nobody is putting forth an answer. #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: @skeskali I haven’t yet because I’m constantly TORN by that question. No solid answer from me. #internetlibrarian

@ulotrichous: @JustinLibrarian I always say we can’t be all things to all people, but we can have something for everyone.

@theanalogdivide: @ulotrichous Rainie just quoted Jeff Jarvis in this regard: “Do what you do best, link to the rest.” @justinlibrarian

@infoexplora: Patrons want librarians to be more like Genius Bar, Amazon, personal shoppers. via @lrainie #internetlibrarian

@theanalogdivide: Product loyalty now a part of online identity. Unboxing videos/socmed/referral networks all influence consumer behavior. #internetlibrarian

@cottonmather: Turn your patrons into brand evangelists!

@JustinLibrarian: Part of why people buy in stores is the social experience. #internetlibrarian (online shopping and Pinterest work well together!)

@theanalogdivide: Retailers turning retail environments into experiences. Think hybrid shoe store/museums, pop-up locations, etc. #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Hearing about targeted urban retail stores from Target and Wal Mart. Targeted library locations? The video game library? #internetlibrarian

@theanalogdivide: @JustinLibrarian Totally. Pop-up a library at the science fair. At the farmer’s market for recipes. At business events. #internetlibrarian

@pcsweeney: “Retail industries are creating mobile stores like book mobiles.” All I can think of are delicious food trucks in SF #internetlibrarian

@infoexplora: Love this – new SF Uniqlo store has fotobooth for clothes you try on – to share and take home as souvenir. #internetlibrarian

@infoexplora: Can’t wait to digest all these retail trends and come up with ways to apply them to libraries. #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Presenter just mentioned how much FUN it is to try new retail experiences. FUN WITH EVERYTHING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. #internetlibrarian

@CarsonBlock: “customers feel better when you know a little bit about them” = loyalty #internetlibrarian #il2012

@CarsonBlock: Awesome practice: connect with your local arts community to create compelling experiences. #il2012 #internetlibrarian

@evelevemelton: RT @pcsweeney: Shelvar is an app that lets you tell what books are out of order on the shelf with a tablet. #internetlibrarian #medlibs

@nengard: Blog Post: IL2012: Retail & Tehchnology Trends

@pollyalida: Web site as junk drawer – don’t do it. Less is better. #internetlibrarian

@pollyalida: Influx one pager simplest of websites, gets all the basics right. #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Now listening about the Taylor Family Digital Library’s video game collection! Over 1500 titles! #internetlibrarian

@JustinLibrarian: Taylor Family Digital Library had a gender studies class come in to play World of Warcraft. #internetlibrarian COOL!

@nengard: I would totally go to the library to get to play on an Atari!! #internetlibrarian

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