Buttons, buttons everywhere

Photo Jun 11, 4 11 16 PM

Putting a button maker in teen library and making it available all of the hours that we are open has been one of the neatest things to watch.  At first, there’s curiosity   The tweens and teens see it and go…”Hmm, what could this be.” They wander up to it, move it around, and that’s where the librarian comes in…

Photo Jun 19, 12 27 33 PM

WANNA LEARN HOW TO MAKE A BUTTON? That’s my standard line. I always say it with a smile.  The teens get a bit more curious.  I jump in, take them step by step through the process, and BOOM!  I’ve made a button.

Photo Jun 10, 4 15 35 PM (1)


And after they see the button that I’ve made, they want to make one.  And after they’ve made their first button, they want to make at least 5-10 more.  This is awesome.

I cannot wait for school to start and these tweens and teens have put the buttons that they’ve made at the library all over their jackets and book bags.  I cannot wait for their friends, who are obviously wanting cool buttons of their own, to ask them where they got their buttons and then for the tweens and teens to say “AT THE LIBRARY!”.



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