I’m so happy to share this video with you. It was produced by Colt Helton during our DEV DEV Demo Day which occurred on The 2nd Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library on Friday August 2, 2013.

I’ve said a lot about DEV DEV over the past month but I’m gonna say it again: it was an amazing experience not only for the teens, our partners, and the library but for the community.  Many thanks from the bottom of my heart go out to every single person involved in this program. This program was the single greatest experience of my library career.


  1. Hey, Justin. Looks like you’re offering your teens bigger and better programs all the time. That’s just awesome. Do you know what might be required of a library to replicate something similar? Did your library provide all the equipment necessary to run DEV DEV? Any information you could provide whether through a link or e-mail would be appreciated.

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