Thank you Mozilla, HiveNYC, and the MakerParty Crew!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.43.56 AM

I have been having a great time in NYC with the Mozilla Community Gigabit Fund team, HiveNYC, MakerParty, and HyperAudio teams . It has been pretty neat sharing the excitement of the HyperAudio project and libraries in general with the Summer Quest Kids of NYC. Thank you to everyone that brought me here (Lindsey!) and to all of the 2nd Floor staff at the Chattanooga Public Library who are back in Chattanooga, TN running the last bit of our summer programs.


The days, both at the MakerParty events and in between, have been full of sharing and exploration. In my opinion, this curiosity and sharing is what leads to some of the best learning that anyone can get in the world.

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