Kindness and Positivity Always Win

This tweet is 100% the truth. How someone couldn’t get excited about taking care of a historic, much loved building and institution in the community is beyond. We work in libraries, and our job is to share and connect with our communities. Life is good.

Work can be tough and stressful at times, but it doesn’t have to be a horrible thing. Projects and programs will take up a lot of our physical and mental energy, but they do not have to destroy us. Reframe those negative thoughts and put them in a positive light. REMEMBER! You are doing great work to help your community. Kindness and compassion win over everything else in this world.


Our latest project at the Benson Memorial Library involves renovating our historic front steps. It is a big project, but in the end it will be wonderful. It has also been wonderful to work and connect with Fiske Associates Inc. and the Greater Titusville Development Foundation. When we work together and share kindness, we can accomplish great things!

Thank you Eden for such a nice Twitter conversation.

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