Titusville PA Citizens of the Year Betty & Carl Meinstereifel

Congrats to Betty & Carl Meinstereifel on being named the Titusville PA Citizens of the Year. Read more about the amazing Betty & Carl and their history of kindness and community here. I’m also happy to see that September 10, 2021 is now known as Betty and Carl Meinstereifel Day in Titusville, PA!

I had the great honor of working closely with Betty & Carl during my time at the Benson Memorial Library in Titusville, PA. They helped me restart the Friends of the Library organization at a time when very few others in the community wanted to pitch in and do the work. They were such a kind, calm, and guiding force through it all. On top of all of this, they were instrumental in making our yearly booksale a great success. I loved working with them, I loved seeing them in the library, and it just made my day to get to talk to them and share stories.

Betty & Carl are the kind of people that everyone wants in their community. They lead with kindness. There is no job or task too small for them. They always make the time to talk to you and make sure they understand the situation in front of them. When communities have people like Betty & Carl in them, these communities can easily come together and move forward into the future in a positive way.

Congrats to you Betty & Carl! I miss seeing you in the library and I miss our chats. I hope to run into you sometime in the future.

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