STRENGTH IN THE STORM by Judith, Josh, Sontiago, and theLin

STRENGTH IN THE STORM comes to us from Judith, Josh, and Sontiago.
The beat was written by theLin.

Once Sontiago mixed the track down, I took Josh into my office for the first listen.  Here’s his reaction:

FOLLOW THE FLOW by Emmanuel, Judith, Ali, and Shupe

FOLLOW THE FLOW comes to us from Emmanuel, Judith, and Ali
The beat was written by Shupe.

Ali & Judith's lyrics:
Gotta keep goin
Progressing every time
Gotta write dowen every line
Gotta go and change the world here’s a freakin dime
The only thing I’m aiming for is the top
And from now on I won’t even try to stop
And I think it’s time that you close up shop
It’s a brand new sound you just heard it now
And I guess a new kid just came to town
With a brand new flow and even though
He’s killin rappers like he gottem on a row
Got em goin around and around
But to him its just another round
And there tryin to figure out a way to put him down

If life wasn’t hard I wouldn’t try be here
To free your hurt and wash away your fears 

Don’t worry about me I got it goin on
And f I didn’t have this I wouldn’t be going along

When your heart brakes in different halves
It will land on something sweet and soft 

No love ever fell that way
Besides I don’t have a heart to break anyway 

I wont say goodbye Or hit you hard
I’ll only sigh when there’s a lie

Let me tell you the truth
I will be the first one gone
And when you wake up i won’t be here at dawn

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