Making Art With Teens (PART 2)

We’re now a few weeks into the project with the teens and our MECA intern and everything is running smoothly.  Our intern Peter is meeting with our four teens weekly to discuss the project and create.  Sometimes they’re at the library, other times they’re at the Maine College of Art working on making art.

This is a point in the project where I’m a bit less involved.  It’s all between our intern and the teens right now.  One of my bigger roles in the project was getting everything set up; making sure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed.  My goal was to get the program in place (for information on that part, see here) so that our intern could work with the teens in the program to unlock their artistic potential…and from what I’ve seen so far we’re getting there.

The next step for the program is to keep on making art right up until the deadline.  Before that, I’ll check back in with another blog post on the program featuring some short video interviews with the teens who are participating.  It will be good to hear their voices and see what they’ll be bringing to the library.

(to view more photos from the program, click here)

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