Making Art with Teens (THANK YOU)

To read all about the project (from start to finish) please click here

To view the artwork and also behind the scenes photos please click here

To watch our interviews with the teen artists, please click here

Thank you to Peter Hyde for helping bring the project together.  Before you stepped in, we only had an idea of what the project would look like but really didn’t have an idea about how to do it…you solved that!  We were very lucky to have someone like you as the first MECA intern to work on this project.

Many thanks to everyone from the Portland Public Library and the Maine College of Art who were involved in helping get this project off the ground and seeing it through to completion.  Extra special thanks to Portland Public Library Programming Manager Rachael Weyand for all of her organizing, publicity work, and more.

And finally, to the teens: Claire, Keanan, Paisley, and Reesey…THANK YOU for your participation, your work, your vision, your amazing artwork, and most of all, thank you for being part of the Portland Public Teen Library community.


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