Elvis in the Library


Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of summer reading programs and their yearly themes, but I do really love it when libraries take these themes and do something  really interesting.

Jill Godlewski, children’s librarian at the Monessen (PA) Public Library did something really cool this year.  The theme was “DREAM BIG…READ!” so each week she did storytimes that centered around a song that had “dream” in the title.  One of the songs she used was this little ditty:

The “end of summer reading” program tied it all together by bringing none other than Elvis into the library to perform and read stories.  I don’t have to say much about how awesome this is…the pictures speak for themselves.



(100% full disclosure: Jill Godlewski gave birth to Haley Read Byers, who is my awesome wife.  This makes Jill my mother in law.  She’s the person who nudged me into libraries.  Thank you Mothra In Law)


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