Day Two at Internet Librarian

The big theme that I took away from my second day at the 2012 Internet Librarian conference was that with our websites, let’s not go for all of the bells and whistles but instead FOCUS ON WHAT OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS FROM OUR WEBSITE.

@eclasper: It’s always best to focus on objectives, not tools when designing Web sites #internetlibrarian @davidleeking

@JustinLibrarian: If you want a good website and a good digital branch you need to invest ACTUAL STAFF to make it work. #internetlibrarian via @davidleeking

@bpichman: Id like to see an entire library staff (pages to directors) blogging on their library site. Any library do that yet? #internetlibrarian

@eclasper: Recurring #internetlibrarian theme: why doesn’t our online presence get the same kind of care and maintenance as our physical buildings

@mflaccavento: Building usable & accessible sites: fantastic presentation by Danielle Becker

@skeskali: If we hire more makers, we can solve our own problems, not let vendors serve their own interests. #InternetLibrarian

@annacreech: my notes on The Next Big Thing #internetlibrarian

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