MUSCLE CAR by Sontiago

One of the coolest things to come out of Portland, ME recently was the premiere of Sontiago’s newest music video for her latest single, Muscle Car.  Sontiago has done quite a few things for teens in the community like at the library (2011’s MAKE MUSIC AT THE LIBRARY program) as well as working with other organizations (like The Telling Room and her work on the film The Whole World Waiting).  It was super cool for the community to see the release of this music video.

One of the neatest things about it?  Well, have a look at who’s in the video.  You’ll see quite a few folks who spend a good bit of their time hanging around in the library: Ali, Bianca, Chrispo, and Michee!  It was really great to see these teens in Sontiago’s music video and to think that all of them connected either through the library or with the help of great teen organizations like The Telling Room.  I was also really impressed by their dancing and acting skills!  Way to go!

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