Awesomeness in the Children’s area of THE 2ND FLOOR

2014-06-28 15.38.092014-06-30 08.28.29


I’m gonna brag for a moment: our kids area of THE 2ND FLOOR of The Chattanooga Public Library is totally rocking all things library.  We’ve been making quite a few changes over the past few months….our area for ages 0-7 and their caregivers is now home to all of our picture books, there is LOTS of open space to relax and enjoy the library together, and there are now creative stations all around.  Everyone on the 2nd Floor staff are pitching in on the development of the creative stations and the community using the library are enjoying these stations SO VERY MUCH.

Here’s one that really caught my eye that was made by Olga, who works primarily in our kid’s area and runs our Thursday BABY BOUNCE program on THE 2ND FLOOR. This amazing creative station was built by her. It teaches kids the basics of automation. The awesome part? IT IS SO MUCH FUN. It’s a great hands on thing that anyone that comes into the library can use and learn about automation through fun.


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