Managing the Future: Supporting Your Youth Services Innovators ALA 2015

First and foremost: I’m sorry to everyone who came to this awesome event and to my fellow colleagues Abby, Cory, and Kendra for missing the presentation! I was convinced that the presentation was on Sunday June 28, 2015 at 8am PST. Turns out I was very wrong and it was Saturday June 27, 2015 at 8am PST. ¬†I will blame it on two things: my brain is so full of moving these days and also general Justin Hoenke forgetfulness. I am sorry about my no-show and I hope the following makes it up to you….

My presentation! I believe I was actually recording my presentation at the same time that the actual in person real time presentation was happening. Anywho, here you go and once again I am sorry that I could not be there in person and/or in real time via the Skype/Facetime/Hangouts train.

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  1. […] We at SU also facilitated a panel called Managing The Future, which was about managing YS innovators and BEING a YS innovator. The hashtag was #futureYS if you want to check out what was said by the brilliant Kendra Jones and Abby Johnson (and less brilliantly said by myself). Justin Hoenke wasn’t able to be there in person (he’s like, a big time library director with a churchhouse now or something. Excuses.) but he posted his notes on his blog. […]

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