Relevant at Any Size: Try New Things


I have long been a fan of using projectors and blank walls to try new things in libraries. One of the greatest things libraries have is space, so why not use the space to the best of our ability? Technology can help us do new things with our space.

The last year at the Benson Memorial Library has been dedicated to improving our Local History & Genealogy Services. We’ve made some great strides (here & here & here) and we keep on trying new things to reach out to the community. For the rest of 2018, we’ll have some events around Local History & Genealogy for our community (I’ve posted a flyer for one below) and to start drumming up interest for these events our Historian Jessica Hilburn has been projecting some of these digitized photos on the walls above our Local History Area. I love this! Not only are the images great, but it just adds a neat thing to check out at our library. It shows the community we’re invested in connecting everyone to their roots and the history of this town.

Thank you to our Summer 2018 Intern Heather for her work with digitizing parts of our collection and thank you to Dr. Clark for setting up this internship.

The Science of Spit_Tracing Our Roots with DNA.jpg


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